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  A city is composed of much more than one might find in the brochures. There is a city behind the city where the people live and the happenings occur. These revelations can expose the true city.
  This section of Baltimoretimeline reveals these dimensions.
  This section includes histories of those who were born in Baltimore and those who have had Baltimore thrust upon them.
  Also included are a revelation of the history of Baltimore in the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s well-known (to Baltimoreans).
   Neighborhoods are also unveiled like Mount Vernon and Charles Village.
  Baltimore has had its infamous haunting murders and they are included in this section.
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Bourne in Baltimore -Known Baltimoreans

More Bourne in Baltimore

Baltimore's Haunting Murders

Waverly 1940's and 50's

The Beat Beat Baltimore Circa 60's

1930's and 40's Growing up Poor

Growing up Highlandtown in WW II

Mysterious Mount Vernon

Baltimore Polarities

Charles Village- The Great!?