The Timeline: Notable Events 1904 to Present

   Baltimore Timeline examines 2 main aspects of Baltimore: Traditional Baltimore and Baltimore Unveiled.
   Just as in any large city, one can represent the city as two realites. Which is the real Baltimore? That is a question each person needs to decide.  Does one consider the popular, traditional views of Baltimore or does one look behind the curtain to see one's own unique perspectives. Both views are represented in Baltimore Timeline.
   Follow the paths below to examine many perspectives of Baltimore, past and present.
  The Timeline represents all aspects, but you can follow your chosen link (path) to the Baltimore you are interested in.    
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Baltimore Timeline Links 

  Traditional Baltimore

  Baltimore Unveiled

Timeline General 

Bourne in Baltimore

Baltimore Remembrances

More Bourne in Baltimore 

Crabs, crabs, crabs

Baltimore's Haunting Murders 

Baltimore Gardens 

Waverly 1940's and 50's 

Baltimore Town Forum

The Beat Beat Baltimore Circa 60's

Baltimore Neighborhoods

1930's and 40's Growing up Poor 

Edgar Allan Poe 

Growing up Highlandtown in WW II

H.L. Mencken 

Mysterious Mount Vernon 

Hon Baltimore 

Baltimore Polarities

Baltimore Best Links 

Charles Village- The Great!? 


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